donate a car to deserving family

Donate a Car to a Deserving Family

If you donate a car to other car-donation charities, most of them will simply sell it for cash. Cars of Hope is different. Cars of Hope is the only charity in many Chicagoland cities that actually gives reliable cars to “Deserving Families.” Because Cars of Hope wants to set Deserving Families up for success, we set high standards for “Program Cars,” the cars that we give directly to individuals who have fallen on hard times. For a donated car to enter the Program, first it needs to be evaluated.  If necessary, it will be repaired so that is Safe, Reliable and Affordable for the family that receives the car.

Imagine yourself being a parent with young children who has fallen on hard times. Maybe you lost your job during a downturn, the car you were driving breaks down, and your trusted mechanic tells you it is not worth repairing any more. This would be a very serious problem for anyone. It’s even more so when you’re living in the suburbs with very limited public transportation. Months go by looking for a new job. You see your savings disappear and your debt starts to accumulate. Finally, you are able to get a reasonable paying job—but it’s miles from where you live. What about getting your children to doctors appointments and school activities? Without a reliable car, this is nearly impossible.

This is a typical situation of a Deserving Family. And that’s who Cars of Hope gifts cars to. Gifting a car helps a family like the one just described get back on their feet financially over time. 

But what happens if the gifted car requires a major repair six months after receiving it, requiring expensive work for thousands of dollars?

This family would be right back to where they started from, savings gone and maybe more in debt than they were before getting the car. Would Cars of Hope really have helped this family? This is why Cars of Hope holds high repair standards.

At Cars of Hope, we work closely with our partner car repair shops to make sure every part of the car they repair can go two years without major repairs. Each car gets thousands of dollars of repairs. This includes tires, brakes, suspension and cooling system components, tune ups, battery, fluid replacement, and occasionally a transmission rebuild. We even replace windshield wipers and emissions components such a gas caps. With each Program Car, Cars of Hope ensures a very high maintenance standard is followed.

As a testament to our success, the Cars of Hope team has heard back from a number of our earlier car recipients.  They report that their gifted cars went beyond 2 years of needing any serious repair work. In many cases, cars lasted five or more years without needing major repairs! Based on feedback from our recipients, the Cars of Hope team considers their high maintenance standards to have a significant part of getting the recipients financially independent!

Maybe you’re asking the question:what is the best organization to donate a car to?”

We hope you’ll agree that Cars of Hope is one of them!

If you or someone you know is ready to donate a car, please consider donating it to Cars of Hope. Cars of Hope is the only 501(c)3 charitable organizations that gives cars to Deserving Families in many of the Chicagoland areas needing a car.