Donate Your Car To Solve a Problem in Chicago Suburbs

What would it be like to lose your job during the recession and, while looking for a new job, have your only car completely wear out? That has happened to some families living in the suburbs of Chicago—and Cars of Hope is able to help when you donate your car.

Having a reliable car is critical to having a job and getting around in the suburbs. Without a car, it is nearly impossible to remain financially independent, given that public transportation is very limited in most suburbs. Getting to the grocery store, taking kids to doctors’ appointments, and transporting children to and from school and park district events is a challenge for many families. 

The Cars of Hope volunteer team is dedicated to helping people in the suburbs who have no longer have any cars in their household. Since 2010, Cars of Hope has provided dozens of reliable vehicles to people who needed that boost to get a job or a better paying job.

Many of the Cars of Hope recipients had a major upset in their lives that brought on financial disaster. Cars of Hope has provided vehicles to single parents with children at home, those recently released from incarceration, and those who have recently lost jobs due to economic downturn.

Cars of Hope uses car donations of all kinds to help people in our community with transportation needs. Getting reliable automobiles is the top priority, but Cars of Hope will take other vehicles, too.

Donate your car today to help someone in need! Or, if you know of someone who has a car to donate to charity, please send them to Cars of Hope! Unlike other car-donation charities, Cars of Hope is the only 501(c)3 charitable organizations that actually gives cars to deserving families in need of a vehicle throughout Chicagoland.